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w - sudoku : Free online sudoku puzzles
by wsdk (wsdk)
at September 2nd, 2006 (12:37 pm)

There is an online sudoku site that I believe changes the way sudoku is playing.
The address is : http://www.w-sudoku.com
The Description is: Play free online millions of sudoku puzzles with amazing graphics.

BriBri [userpic]
Lost SuDoku
by BriBri (eclectic1az)
at October 31st, 2005 (11:38 am)

A Lost-themed SuDoku I created:


dailysudoku.co.uk gave this a difficulty ranking of Medium.

kasche [userpic]
by kasche (kasche)
at July 16th, 2005 (12:53 pm)

Hi everyone! Newbie here. :D

I'm posting a couple of schemes published on the newspaper La Repubblica. I'm not able to tell you which issue it was, though.

I've already had my fun with them, so I thought I could share. :)

Izzywen [userpic]
Today's Sudoku - T2
by Izzywen (mantolwen)
at July 12th, 2005 (09:07 pm)

su doku puzzlesCollapse )


Izzywen [userpic]
by Izzywen (mantolwen)
at July 12th, 2030 (07:31 pm)
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Welcome to the Su Doku community! Please also check out sudoku!

There are some rules, but apart from that you're free to post su doku wherever, whenever.
-Always screen comments so that people can work out the answers without having it spoiled for them!
-If you want to check that your su doku works go to Su Doku Solver.
-No cheating! Do not use Su Doku Solver to work out the answers - it takes away the fun.
-You may cross-post to sudoku.
-All puzzles must be rated (see below)

Suggested Other Rules:
We also ask that you do not use tables to post your sudoku. Please either make an image of the puzzle or just text. If you're using symbols, say what they are. If you're doing an unusually shaped su doku then make sure that you make this clear. Remember - post the well-known rules for completing a sudoku puzzle under each post, plus any extra (eg: having to put all the numbers/symbols/letters along the two diagonals). Please say if you have got your puzzle from a newspaper.

- Easy: simple puzzles that can be done quickly.
- Mild: slightly more tricky puzzles.
- Difficult: tricky puzzles that take consideration and thought.
- Impossible: really difficult puzzles that can take a lot of delibaration and patience to complete.
(These are based on the Times rating system)

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